Can the Prevalence of Car Accidents Lead to More Safe Drivers?

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Most of us hear all too often about tragic car accidents that frequently occur on the roads all over the United States. With so many interconnected roadways and irresponsible drivers, devastating crashes can occur all too easily. Due to the prevalence of such terrible accidents, a person may wonder what he or she can do to practice being a more safe driver. Keep in mind that even those who drive carefully on the road, may still become victims to a car accident if someone near is driving recklessly, as a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA knows.

In incidents where you or a loved one have become a victim in a car collision, you may want to meet with a car accident lawyer Wytheville, VA trusts for support and insight. The aftermath of a car accident can be difficult to handle without additional support from a Philadelphia car accident lawyer.

While we cannot always prevent an accident from happening at all, there are some safety strategies we can practice to at least minimize our chances.

Q: What does it mean to be a defensive driver?

A: A defensive driver is someone who uses certain skills to help prevent themselves from getting into risky situations on the road. For example, a defensive driver may be aware of their surroundings at all times, not depend on other drivers to make the right move, keep their speed low, minimize distractions, stay a safe distance away from others on the road, and always using good judgement. There may be a defensive driving course in your area, that covers the many tips and tricks a person can use when getting to and from in their vehicle.

Q: Is it better to keep my number of passengers to a minimum?

A: New drivers especially may be tempted to load their vehicle up with friends and explore the roadways. While this may seem fun in essence, it can lead to danger quickly. With so many people talking, there is a higher chance of getting distracted and taking attention away from what is going on ahead. In fact, the risk of a fatal crash can increase with every additional passenger in the car. If you must drive with several people in your vehicle, enforce rules about voice level and how loud the music is, as to not inhibit your ability to maneuver safely.

Q: Is it okay to use a hand-free headset when driving?

A: An increasing number of states have started to pass laws making it illegal to operate a vehicle while using a cell phone. Exceptions to this rule may be if a driver is using a hands-free device, then he or she is legally permitted to make or receive phone calls. However, it may be to not use a phone at all while driving. Even if your hands are on the wheel, taking a call can occupy your mental attention and energy. It can be difficult to navigate the road and uphold a meaningful conversation at the same time, as a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can explain.



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