Philadelphia Hospitals with the Worst Safety Grades

Philadelphia Medical Malpractice LawyerAs a dedicated Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer, I work every day with clients who have suffered harm from negligent hospitals and medical providers. Today, I want to shed light on the safety grades of three Philadelphia hospitals as revealed by the recently released spring 2023 data from Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades. If you or a loved one have experienced substandard medical care, it’s crucial to take action. Together, we can seek justice for the victims of medical malpractice. Call the Wieand Law Firm to speak with a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer and learn about your legal options.

What is Patient Safety?

Patient safety aims to prevent and reduce medical errors and harm to patients while receiving health care. Sadly, the track record for patient safety in the United States includes some alarming statistics. Nearly 200,000 people die every year from hospital errors, accidents and infections. In fact, nearly 500 people die each day from preventable hospital errors.

With these statistics in mind, patient safety should be a top priority for hospitals. However, the safety record of some hospitals continues to lag behind their peers. The Leapfrog Group is a nonprofit organization that provides information to the public to help them choose the best health care options for themselves and their families. This organization publishes a biannual report of hospital safety to help consumers make informed choices.

What Hospitals Have the Worst Leapfrog Safety Rating in Philadelphia?

Nazareth Hospital

Regrettably, Nazareth Hospital has earned the dubious distinction of being one of Philadelphia’s worst-rated medical facilities. According to the latest Leapfrog report, the hospital received “C” safety grade from Leapfrog. This grave concern underscores the potential dangers patients may face when seeking treatment at Nazareth Hospital.

Nazareth Hospital scored worse than average in patients developing dangerous bed sores, patient falls, and MRSA infections.  Also notable, was that Nazareth Hospital scored worse than average in communication with doctors, communication with nurses, and responsiveness of hospital staff.

If you or someone you know has suffered due to medical negligence at Nazareth Hospital, contact a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer at the Wieand Law Firm to explore your legal options.


Chestnut Hill Hospital

The spring 2023 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades have placed Chestnut Hill Hospital among Philadelphia’s most concerning hospitals with a “C” rating. These ratings indicate significant concerns about patient safety and the quality of care provided at this facility. When patients place their trust in a hospital, they expect patient safety, but Chestnut Hill Hospital appears to have fallen short in meeting several key measures.

Chestnut Hill Hospital scored worse than its peers in several infection categories, including sepsis infection after surgery, MRSA infection and infection in the blood. They also scored poorly for safety problems related to dangerous bedsores, collapsed lungs, and dangerous blood clots.

The Leapfrog report also indicates that the hospital scores lower than its average in having enough qualified nurses, having specially trained doctors in the ICU, and responsiveness of hospital staff.

If you have experienced any form of medical malpractice at Chestnut Hill Hospital, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer at the Wieand Law Firm for legal support.


Roxborough Memorial Hospital

Another hospital that has unfortunately found its way onto this distressing list is Roxborough Memorial Hospital. Leapfrog’s spring 2023 safety grades demonstrate that Roxborough Memorial Hospital has a long way to go to ensure patient safety. The findings reveal potential risks and shortcomings in delivering proper care to those who rely on this hospital’s services. Roxborough Memorial Hospital is given a “C” rating in the Leapfrog report.

Roxborough Memorial Hospital scored worse than average in safety problems such as patient falls and dangerous blood clots. They performed worse than many of their peers in communicating to patients about medication and discharge. Lastly, they scored worse than average hospitals in communication with doctors and nurses.

If you or a loved one have suffered due to negligence, medical errors, or any form of malpractice at Roxborough Memorial Hospital, the Wieand Law Firm can provide guidance and legal assistance. Call a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer today at 215-666-7777.


Contact Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer Brent WieandWhen to Call a Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The well-being and safety of patients should always be the foremost concern within the healthcare industry. Regrettably, the data from Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades for spring 2023 highlights significant issues in several hospitals across Philadelphia. If you or someone you know has experienced medical malpractice at any of the mentioned hospitals or elsewhere, I urge you to take action. Seeking justice is not only your right but also an essential step towards holding negligent hospitals and healthcare providers accountable.

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