Am I Entitled to Collect Damages After a Car Accident?

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Those who have been in a car accident, may feel overwhelmed at trying to find ways to cover their expenses. Victims may be resentful towards the driver who caused the accident, because now they must suffer the consequences of poor driving behavior. A victim may have sustained painful injuries that required a quick trip to the emergency room in an ambulance. The losses associated with injuries and vehicle damages can accumulate rapidly. Perhaps the good news is that a victim in a car accident may be able to rebound from monetary loss, through filing a lawsuit against the driver at-fault with a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia, PA.

What types of damages may I collect after being in a car accident?

If the other driver was determined mostly responsible for the accident, then the victim driver can take legal action as a way to seek compensation. Not every victim is entitled to restitution for all types of damages. Depending on the circumstances of your accident and what you suffered after, you may be able to collect damages for the following with the assistance of a Philadelphia car accident lawyer:

  • Property Damages = the victim seeks to receive compensation from the driver for things such as costs to repair vehicle, including items that were destroyed inside the car as a result of impact. The way to prove property damage is to provide photographs of the scene, car damages, and witness statements. Estimates or receipts from a repair shop for costs to fix your car can be important when calculating the correct compensation amount.
  • Medical Expenses = costs for medical care can be costly, especially if the victim in the accident endured serious to critical injuries. Examples of paperwork that can be helpful to gather include doctor exams, diagnosis, treatment plans, hospitalization records, prescription medication, physical therapy sessions, chiropractic adjustments, surgery and any other medical-related information.
  • Lost Earnings = when people suffer an injury that is serious, they may have to take time off of work to get treatment and heal. The victim may have lost out on earnings, emptied their paid time off bank, or missed out on career advancement in order to recover. You can demonstrate your need for lost earnings compensation through pay stubs and evidence that you missed out on a promotion because of the accident.
  • Pain and Suffering = these are all the non-tangible ways that the victim suffered after the car accident, such as needing a therapist to overcome newly developed anxiety, depression, or PTSD as a result of the car collision.

I was in a car accident and suffered loss, what should I do now?

If the above information is similar to what you went through after a car accident, it may be time to think about meeting with a car accident lawyer Bristol, TN relies on who has represented clients in cases like yours. A personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can help you decide whether filing a lawsuit could be in your interest, and what damages you may be able to receive compensation for depending on the details of the accident. In order to have a case, it must have been decided that the other driver was mostly at-fault for the car accident.



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