Who Can File for Workers’ Compensation? 

Workers’ compensation is a basic right that people are entitled to if they get injured at work. There are some exceptions, but often, if you work full time for an employer, there is some sort of workers’ comp that you can file for. You always want to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, like one from Wieand Law Firm, LLC, to ensure you get what you deserve in a case. He or she will be able to answer any questions that you may have about filing and about making a reasonable case in court, if it comes to that. Reach out to a lawyer as soon as you are able to, as you need to meet the statute of limitations for filing and want to have all of your witness statements and evidence collected as close as possible to the case. This will allow everything to be recent and fresh in everyone’s mind so that you have the greatest likelihood of having a good outcome in your case. 

Contractors Typically Cannot File for Workers’ Compensation

The contracting world is different from having direct employees. Typically, contractors are paid by the hour and may not get benefits like health care or savings plans. Contractors also often cannot file for workers’ compensation, even if they are injured in the workplace. 

Volunteers May Not File for Workers’ Compensation

Volunteers are also typically not covered by workers’ compensation if they are injured on the job. This is partly because they were not being paid in the first place, but also because they are not technically “employed” by the company they are working for. This may include interns in some cases and situations when people are volunteering for school credit. Unfortunately, these people cannot typically file for workers’ compensation. It is still important to speak with a workers compensation lawyer in Philadelphia, PA , though, as there may be a possibility of filing a personal injury case. 

Employees of a Company May File for Workers’ Compensation

If you are employed by someone, you can likely file for workers’ comp. This is the right time to speak with and hire a lawyer. You need to get assistance so that you can get the compensation you deserve, rather than settling for less. Most employers are required to have some sort of workers’ compensation coverage, so it should not be incredibly complicated to begin this process. 

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Right Away

You should have a lawyer on your side from the very beginning. This way, all of your best interests will be looked after and you can rest assured that someone who understands the workers’ comp laws of your state will be on your team. Not only will you be much more likely to get the compensation you deserve, but the process will be much smoother having someone who has done this for a living for such a long time. A lawyer will know how to file paperwork and go about your case to have the highest chance for success. Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Philadelphia, PA from Wieand Law Firm, LLC today to learn more. 

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