Types of Personal Injury Law

Our team of Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyers handle very complex cases encompassing many types of injuries, illnesses, or deaths. In general any of the aforementioned that were caused, or partly caused, by negligence, wrongdoing, recklessness, or maliciousness is considered to be eligible for monetary compensation under personal injury laws. Brent Wieand, Esq. is a Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer who has years of experience in personal injury law, such as:

  • Impaired Driver Accidents – Impaired driving, whether the driver is under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or other illegal substance, is responsible for over 25% of traffic fatalities in Pennsylvania in 2016. Individuals who survive impaired driver accidents often face significant hospitalizations and physical rehabilitation, resulting in overwhelming medical expenses. Philadelphia, PA personal lawyer Brent Wieand, Esq. provides robust representation for victims of impaired driver accidents.
  • Dog Bite Injury – If you have been injured by someone else’s dog, it is likely that they are responsible for your medical expenses related to the bite, whether or not they believed the dog was dangerous. Unfortunately, some dog bite injuries occur by dogs that have a history of aggressive attacks. Injuries caused by known dangerous dogs can be quite severe. The negligence of an owner to properly contain and control a dangerous dog is cause for representation by a Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer.
  • Car Accidents – Car accidents are the most common causes of accident injury. In fact, the federal government data shows there are about seven million car accidents every year. Injured victims are entitled to financial compensation from the person who caused the crash.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – These types of accidents often result in severe injury for victims because of the lack of protection when riding a motorcycle. Victims are often thrown from the motorcycle from the impact of being hit, and often suffer head injuries, fractured bones, and serious lacerations. This may result in the need for help from a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Truck Accidents – Commercial truck accident claims can be complex because there is often more than one party who may be liable for the damages the victim is entitled to. Those liable can include the truck driver, the trucking company, the freight company, or truck part manufacturer.
  • Medical Malpractice – These are often the most complicated types of personal injury cases and require expertise and experience of a skilled Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer. There is often extensive medical evidence involved, including statements from other medical experts about what the at-fault medical personnel did wrong or failed to act upon. These cases can involve individual physicians, medical staff, and the medical facility where the victim was treated at.
  • Defective Products – When a company makes a product that causes injuries to consumers – whether by defective design, production, or other reason – the victim can sue the manufacturer for damages for the injuries the product caused. The burden of proof for defective product cases can be difficult. This is why victims should consult with a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer and not try to pursue a claim on their own.
  • Wrongful Death – Tragically, there are many accident victims who do not survive the injuries they sustain. Although a Philadelphia personal injury attorney understands that no amount of money will ever make up for the loss of a loved one, he or she also understands that the untimely death of that loved one can leave a family in financial difficulties. Under the laws of the state, the party or parties responsible for the accident that caused the victim’s death is also responsible for the losses the victim’s death has caused the family. These losses can include funeral and burial expenses, loss of future income and benefits, loss of companionship, and more. A wrongful death case is also sometimes the only way the family receives any kind of justice for their loved one’s death.
  • Premises Liability –  If you were injured because another individual or corporation failed to create a safe, hazard–free condition, you should contact a Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer to determine if you have a suit under premises liability. A common premises liability situation is a fall related to a spill or hazard on the property. Examples of this would be a fast-food restaurant that neglects to clean up a soft drink spill, or a homeowner who fails to remove snow from the public sidewalk. Other types of premises liability situations are injuries caused by improperly functioning elevators, defective stairs, swimming pool accidents, or porch collapse.

As a trusted Philadelphia, Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer, we understand that in additional to physical pain you may be worried about your medical bills and day-to-day expenses that you cannot cover because you are unable to work. Rest assured, we will carefully consider all of your losses and prospective financial losses to ensure you get enough money. This is something that insurance companies tend to underestimate. The last thing you want to happen is receive an amount that will not cover all of your losses. For this reason hiring a personal injury lawyer Philadelphia residents trust may be a very wise decision.

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