Things You Should Know Before Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Our personal injury lawyers serving Philadelphia, PA know that an injury can do more than inconvenience you. It may end up costing you money, time and even result in a change to your lifestyle. When an injury is severe, you may find yourself unable to partake in the activities once could. Is it possible to recover compensation from the person who may have caused your injury? Whether you were involved in a car accident, a dog bite, or some other incident, there are some instances where you can file a personal injury lawsuit with the help of Wieand Law Firm, LLC against the parties responsible. The following, are some of the basics regarding personal injuries from our Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyers:

You Need To Prove Negligence 
The first and perhaps the highest hurdle to clear is negligence. Negligence is the result of the liabible party acting with a complete disregard for the safety of others. Negligence is the first element required in a personal injury lawsuit. The person must have acted contrary to the way a reasonable person would have acted in the same situation. For example, a person who drinks and then drives may cause an accident. If they do, then one prong of the negligence test will have been met.

You Have Limited Time To File 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers share that time frames to take action are stringent, meaning, it’s important that you not delay. State laws dictate the time you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. This is only fair considering the alternative is someone may find themselves on the hook for a mistake they made decades ago. Many states also have a condition on this timeline. The clock starts when the injury was either discovered by the victim or occurred. Following the discovery of an injury, it’s not only important to seek medical care, but also that of a personal injury lawyer serving Philadelphia, PA.

The Case May Drag 
Personal injury lawsuits are some of the toughest to prove, especially when it is one person’s word against the other. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure you have enough evidence to support your claim that the defendant was responsible for the incident. A personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA shares that the stronger your evidence, the better your chance at obtaining the settlement you deserve. Sometimes, the case may take some time to resolve, when it does, you may find yourself settling for far less than you deserve. Your personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA is a strong ally and can help prepare you for the process and possible outcomes.

Damages May Exceed What You Asked
If you go to trial, there may be some facts about your case that may be essential to obtaining the compensation you are entitled to. You may have suffered countless roadblocks and painful medical procedures to recover only a part of what you lost. In cases of extreme loss, the court may give you an award above what you asked. Punitive damages are not handed out in every state, and certainly not in every case. However, when they are, they are typically substantial and meant to punish the defendant.

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