Summer Driving Dangers

A Philadelphia Car accident lawyer offers tips on staying safe during summer road trips and steps to take if you are involved in an accident. As many families embark on vacations, it’s important to keep these safety tips in mind. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more car crash injuries and fatalities occur over the summer months. This includes higher teenage accidents as well. This article will help you learn more about summer driving dangers, understand what you can do to prevent them, and help you know when to contact a Philadelphia car accident lawyer if an accident occurs.

Summer Driving Dangers

Tire Blowouts

Tire Blowouts are common in the summertime months. A Tire Blowout Attorney shares that hot temperatures causes the air in your tires to expand. Therefore, even strong, fresh tires can blow out during a heat wave.  Tires that fail, particularly when the driver is traveling at high speeds, can easily lead to a car accident. Additionally, pot holes that developed in wintertime can increase the risk of blown or damaged tires. To stay safe, be sure to check your tire pressure regularly, carry a spare tire in your car, and replace tires as needed.

Some tire blowouts are linked to manufacturing design problems or substandard materials or installation. A Philadelphia car accident lawyer can review your accident to determine if someone else, such as a manufacturer or retailer, may be liable for your tire blowout.

Construction Zones

Road construction can be a major hazard for drivers as well as construction workers. According to a Philadelphia car accident lawyer, Pennsylvania is one of the highest ranked states for fatal work zone injuries.  To prevent a catastrophic accident, anticipate construction delays and practice patience when dealing with construction traffic. Always drive slowly and cautiously in these areas, and merge early prior to entering the work zone.


Drivers and bicyclists have an obligation to share the road. Because of the small size of bicycles in comparison with motor vehicles, they are often more difficult to see. Drivers should give bicyclists at least 3 feet of clearance when passing them on a road. Also, drivers should take caution when they are opening car doors, making turns, or changing lanes.

Teen Drivers

With school out for the summer, teens can spend more time on the roads. As a result, a Philadelphia car accident lawyer often sees a stark rise in teen accidents during the summertime. It’s important for parents to have conversations with teens about the dangers of distracted driving. Additionally, establishing a curfew to keep teens off the roads late at night can help reduce the risk of an accident. Finally, consider limiting the number of teens in one car, as a large group can easily distract a young driver.

When to Contact a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

Despite taking precautions, accidents can and do occur. A car accident lawyer Philadelphia trusts can help if you are seriously injured. The Wieand Law Firm helps injured victims to seek compensation for their injuries, so that our clients can focus on getting better. Call 215-666-7777 today, or complete the form on our website, to speak directly with a personal injury attorney for a free consultation.






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