Quiz: Do You Know Pennsylvania’s Auto Laws?

How well do you know Pennsylvania automobile law? Test your knowledge with the following quiz!


1. Can you turn right at an intersection when facing a steady red light?

a) Yes.

b) No.

c) Sometime. Depends on signs posted at the intersection.


2. What level blood alcohol content (BAC) is considered legally intoxicated when operating an automobile in Pennsylvania?

a)  0.12

b)  0.10

c)  0.08

d.  0.06

3. As a rule of thumb, how much space should you leave between you and the vehicle you’re following (assuming good visibility / dry road conditions)?

a) 1 car length

b) 4 seconds

c) 20 feet

d) 30 feet

4. When are Pennsylvania Drivers Required to use their headlights?

a) When its foggy

b) When its snowing

c) When driving through work zones

d) Between sunset and sunrise

e) All of the above

f) b and d only

5. If you are facing a steady green light, your vehicle has the right-of-way and can proceed through the intersection regardless of whats ahead of you.

a) True

b) False

6. A non-functioning traffic signal should be treated as a:

a) 4 way stop sign

b) yellow light

c) green light

d) yield sign

7. This sign means:600px-Canada_-_do_not_enter.svg

a) Stop

b) No U-Turn

c) Yield

d) Do Not Enter

8. Who must wear a seatbelt?

a) Drivers

b) Front Seat Passengers

c) Children between 8 and 18

d) All of the above

Answer Key:

1) c

2) c

3) b

4) d

5) b  (you can proceed only when the road is clear)

6) a

7) d

8) d

How’d you do? The Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual is available online and is designed to help you become a safe driver. Refreshing your knowledge of Pennsylvania automobile laws is always a good idea – even for experienced drivers.

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