Pedestrian Safety: Staying Out of Harm’s Way When Crossing

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While walking can be a wonderful form of gentle exercise and alternative transportation, it is crucial that pedestrians do what they can to prevent getting hit by a car when traveling by foot. It is estimated that just under five hundred pedestrians enter emergency rooms every day due to traffic-related injuries. Then, every two hours one pedestrian succumbs to injuries and passes away because of the accident. These statistics may motivate a pedestrian to use more preventative strategies to keep themselves out of harm’s way.

In the event that someone is struck by a vehicle driver while walking, it is important to get medical attention right away. Those who were hospitalized or needed medical care, may be entitled to receiving compensation from the driver at-fault through legal action with the help of a Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer at Wieand Law Firm, LLC.

Q: What can I do if I get hit by a car?

A: Call 9-1-1 immediately if you get hit by a car while traveling as a pedestrian. The car driver may try to convince you otherwise, but do not fall for this trick. By calling for help you can receive the medical care you need right away, and an officer can take an incident report of what happened. Be sure to ask where you can get a copy of this report in the days following the accident. This document can be useful if you decide to sue the driver for your injury costs and other losses.

Q: What can I do to lessen the chances of being hit by a car?

A: Pedestrians cannot control how drivers decide to maneuver along streets and through intersections. However, they can choose to follow safety tips to lessen the chances of being struck by a vehicle while heading to their destination on two feet.

It is recommended that pedestrians cross streets only within designated crosswalks. Be careful when crossing at intersections, where drivers may run a red light or turn without considering the right-of-way for pedestrians. If you must walk at nighttime, carry a flashlight and wear clothes that are bright or reflective. The sidewalk is the place to walk, but there may instances where you must use the road. If you encounter this problem, travel facing traffic so you can see a car coming your way and jump out of the way if needed.

Q: What behaviors may be putting me in danger?

A: Depending on how far you need to go, listening to music in headphones can be a way to cure boredom. However, especially when crossing at street intersections, wearing ear buds can be a major way that you are putting yourself in danger. It is to not assume a driver sees you, and always use caution when crossing even it is your turn. The earbuds can severely hinder your ability to hear honks, an approaching car, or other warning cues in the environment. If you must walk while listening to music, consider taking your headphones out even just for the brief moments while crossing a street.

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