Montgomery County Truck Accident Injures 2 on Pa Turnpike

CBS Philly has reported that truck accident occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike yesterday in which a a dump truck and a pick-up truck collided.  As a result of the accident two people were injured and taken via emergency medical services to Presbyterian Hospital. There is no word as to their condition. In addition, the dump truck overturned spilling the stone that it was carrying on the highway which causing significant traffic delays on Tuesday morning.

Why Are Commercial Truck Accidents so Common

Commercial trucks play a key role in our economy, keeping shelves stocked and getting materials to where it needs to be. They make up a large part of our transportation system and are literally everywhere you look when driving. Given the sheer volume of trucks on the road, it is no wonder that truck accidents are a common occurrence. There are approximately 500,000 trucking accidents each year. Out of these, around 5,000 result in wrongful death and many more cause serious personal injury to other motorists and pedestrians. However, statistics show that trucking accidents happen in at a greater frequency than other kinds of auto accidents.

So why do truck accidents occur at a greater rate than other vehicle accidents? Much of this has to do with the differences between smaller passenger vehicles and large commercial trucks. Commercial vehicles can weigh up to thirty times as much as a small automobile. Because commercial trucks are so large, their massive size and weight impacts how quickly the vehicle can accelerate, brake and even maneuver. It is simple physics that an object in motion will try to stay in motion. And the larger the mass, the more force and time is needed to decrease speed. The ability of a truck driver to react to avoid an obstacle or make a sharp turn can be critical in avoiding or causing a collision. Last, the huge amount of force created by a truck traveling at a high speed can caused significantly more damage than that of a smaller vehicle.

Moreover, crash data has shown that when a large truck is involved in a collision with a smaller vehicle, the occupants of the passenger vehicle are at a greater risk of serious injury or death. Almost 98% of fatal truck accidents involving smaller vehicle are the occupants of the passenger vehicle, not the commercial truck.

Another dangers can be caused by the cargo being transported in the truck. Trailers that are improperly loaded, or overloaded, are more likely to tip over (sometimes spilling their contents onto the road) or separate from the truck causing injury to other motorists and pedestrians.

In addition, trucks have blind spots, or “no-zones” where it is difficult for the truck driver to see the vehicles next to them.

All of the dangers inherent to commercial trucks – based on their size, shape and contents – leave less room for driver error, and help explain why commercial trucking accidents are so common. However, trucks that are operated by fatigued or improperly trained drivers, or that are not maintained properly, cause an even greater risk of danger to other motorists.

Trucking Accident Lawyer – Brent Wieand Esq.

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