Do I Qualify For Worker’s Compensation?

Sustaining an on the job injury can result in more than just an inconvenience, as a worker’s compensation lawyer in Philadelphia, PA knows. It can be a big setback financially, leaving you with other types of problems beyond figuring out how to pay for your medical treatment and related expenses. You may benefit from speaking with a worker’s compensation lawyer like one from Wieand Law Firm, LLC if you are looking to file a worker’s compensation claim so that you can recover your losses and focus on fully recovering. One of the first things you may be asking yourself is if you qualify for the worker’s compensation benefits. 

How long do I have until I can file a claim? 

If you want to file a worker’s compensation claim in Philadelphia, you have limited time to do so. The statute of limitations is only three years from the date the injury occurred. You need to act as soon as possible so that a lawyer can begin working on your claim. Your claim must be filed within this time if you hope to be eligible to receive compensation. 

Can contractors file for worker’s compensation benefits? 

While worker’s compensation benefits are offered to many workers across various industries, not everyone qualifies for it even if they have a valid injury. Worker’s compensation benefits are only available to employees of a company. If you are classified as an independent contractor, unfortunately you are not able to apply for worker’s compensation benefits.

What injuries are covered for worker’s compensation?

Not every kind of injury qualifies for worker’s compensation. Injuries that have occurred on the job site are eligible, but if a worker’s actions resulted in their injury they will not be able to submit a claim. If they aggravated an existing injury it will also not be approved. If a worker sustains a workplace injury while they were violating company policies or breaking the law, they are also not entitled to receive compensation. 

What records do I need to provide to prove my claim? 

You will want to have as much evidence as possible if you are filing a worker’s compensation claim. Provide medical records so that you can prove when you suffered your injury and the type of injury that you have. The insurance company will want to have as much information as possible when evaluating your claim. Not providing adequate medical records may cause the insurance company to question your claim or use it as an excuse not to compensate you. Failing to provide adequate evidence may result in a significantly lower benefit amount, or your claim getting rejected.

What if the accident happened during my lunch hours? 

Only injuries sustained during your work hours are eligible for worker’s compensation. If you stepped outside of your company grounds, such as during your lunch break, you will not be able to recover compensation because the accident happened off site. 

Filing for worker’s compensation benefits can be a tricky process. If you need assistance determining whether you are eligible, speak to a worker’s compensation lawyer in the Philadelphia, PA area immediately.

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