Different Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyer

Personal injury covers a wide array of damages. Most are physical, but some involve intangible variables, such as harm to one’s personal reputation resulting from slander. When recklessness or mal intent is responsible for causing harm, the injured party deserves restitution. Here are some types of quantifiable incidents that are good causes for litigation, like a personal injury lawyer from a law firm like Unidos Legales explains.

Car Accidents

With millions of vehicles on the road every day, car wrecks constitute the most common type of personal injury lawsuit. They happen for many reasons, ranging from driver carelessness to manufacturer error. A serious crash can result in lifelong suffering and medical expenses that merit compensation. Personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia, PA are experienced at gathering proof of what happened, showing judges and juries exactly who was at fault and why.

Medical Mistakes

The human body is a complex instrument. It can be difficult to fix ailments when they surface. Nevertheless, we expect a certain level of care when we seek medical treatment. Professionalism and accurate information are normally anticipated. We don’t expect doctors to give faulty information that will worsen our condition. When we have surgery, we anticipate receiving the correct procedure and that nothing unwanted will be sewn inside us. Unfortunately, these scenarios and worse have been known to happen. When they do, reparations are in order.

Animal Bites

Despite their reputation as being man’s best friend, numerous breeds sometimes attack. Regardless of their danger, pit bulls and Rottweilers remain highly popular. Amazingly, there is a whole underground network of individuals who keep wild animals. These creatures never belong in urban environments. When they get loose, it makes sense that they become aggressive. It doesn’t take much for one to feel threatened, and little can stop an attack from happening once the right conditions surface. Everything from permanent scarring to loss of limbs and paralysis can result. Irresponsible pet owners need to be held accountable.

Physical Hazards

People need a reasonable level of safety wherever they go. If a widely trafficked area contains hazardous elements, there should be clear signage indicating that peril exists. Those walking in well-traveled areas are not likely to anticipate the presence of downed electrical wires capable of producing a harmful shock. Customers strolling through a store don’t imagine there might be a puddle where one might slip and fall. When someone allows unsafe conditions where others travel and injury results, a lawsuit is called for.

Personal injury lawyers assist with cases that involve many types of personal harm. Hire one if you’ve been negatively impacted by someone’s negligence, misbehavior, or another form of blatant irresponsibility. 

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