3 Tips to Follow After an Amusement Park Injury 

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A day at the amusement park is supposed to be a time of fun, filled with positive memories. However, an act of negligence can result in innocent visitors sustaining an injury, changing lives forever. Preventable accidents in amusement parks are a serious issue, and the liable party should be held accountable for their role in the accident. If you have been injured while visiting an amusement park, speak to an experienced attorney who has fought for their clients’ rights. 

Inattentive ride operators, ride defects, poor training, and lack of inspection and maintenance are just a few reasons that amusement park accidents occur. An experienced personal injury lawyer would advise that you obtain professional legal help after a park accident. To protect your rights, follow these tips if you sustain an injury at an amusement park.

Report Your Injury to Park Staff
Many parks have their own medical team available to treat injured guests. Do not refuse or postpone treatment. If you choose to file a claim without seeking medical help right away, the park’s legal team may try to deny your claim or argue that the injury occurred outside of the park. 

After you receive medical treatment for your injury, stay at the scene and inform park employees about the injury. Explain how exactly you were injured and on what ride or attraction. You should file an official report so that park management is aware of what occurred. They may have to close the attraction temporarily to prevent harm to other guests. 

Do Not Talk to Park Representatives
An experienced Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer such as one at Wieand Law Firm, LLC would advise that you do not speak to any park representatives about your injury, especially if they attempt to negotiate with you. If they come forward to ask you about the incident, you do not have to share any information with them.

Contact an Experienced Attorney
A visit to an amusement park should not result in injury, but sadly that is sometimes the case. Injuries that occur inside of amusement parks should be taken seriously and investigated to ensure the safety of guests and that attractions meet established safety standards. Victims who experienced an injury at an amusement park often face a lengthy recovery. In addition to physical trauma, victims may suffer from emotional and financial damages. Luckily, there is help available for victims. If you suspect that negligence was a factor after you have suffered an injury at an amusement park, contact a qualified personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA to learn about your legal options. 

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