Which Philadelphia Intersections are the Most Dangerous to Pedestrians?

Philadelphia established “Vision Zero,” a Pedestrian safety action plan in May 2021 according to a Philadelphia pedestrian accident injury lawyer. Walking in Philadelphia can be a challenging and sometimes lethal experience. In fact, a pedestrian is injured in killed in Philadelphia every 6 hours. Sadly, the pedestrian fatality rate per resident in 2018 was higher than many other locales, include New York City. A Philadelphia pedestrian accident injury lawyer shares information about the most dangerous intersections in the city, who is at risk, and offers insight on the steps to take if you have suffered a pedestrian accident injury.

Who is Most Vulnerable to Pedestrian Accidents?

Nationally, pedestrian accidents have increased steadily over the past decade. While almost everyone is a pedestrian at some point during their day, there are certain populations that are more likely to be pedestrians and be vulnerable to pedestrian accidents. These at-risk populations include:

Children – Nationally, 20% of children under the age of 15 killed in traffic accidents were pedestrians in 2017. This group walks more frequently than other age groups due to lack of access to a vehicle. The shorter stature of children can make them less visible to drivers.

Older Adults – Older adults typically walk more than other age groups. Additionally, they are often more at risk of serious injuries when involved in a crash, and they may have greater difficulty recovering from their injuries.

Individuals affected by poverty – Nearly 25% of Philadelphians are affected by poverty. Individuals with lower incomes have less access to vehicles and can be financially burdened by crashes, according to a Philadelphia pedestrian accident injury lawyer.

Disabled/differently-abled individuals – Individuals with specialized cognitive or mobility needs can be at risk of pedestrian accident injuries.

What are the Most Dangerous Philadelphia Intersections?

Areas where there is high pedestrian activity will always have an increased likelihood of a pedestrian accident. Many of these accidents occur near transit stops and stations because pedestrians tend to walk to and from transit stops. Pedestrian injuries and fatalities are also more likely to occur at intersections near a transit stop.

According to a Philadelphia pedestrian accident injury lawyer, nearly 62% of pedestrian injury crashes occurred at an intersection. The Top 5 Priority Pedestrian Intersections in Philadelphia identified as “hot spots for pedestrian accidents according to 2021 Vision Zero Plan are:

Steps To Take Following a Pedestrian Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, the stakes are high. Knowing what to do and taking the right actions can help you substantially in the weeks and months to come. A Philadelphia pedestrian accident injury lawyer suggests taking the following steps following a pedestrian accident.

  • Assess Injuries / Seek Medical Care – In a pedestrian accident, injuries can range from minor to catastrophic. The first priority in any accident is your health. Call 911 if you need emergency medical services. Because adrenaline can mask some pain and injury, it’s advisable to seek medical care even if you think you are alright.
  • Contact the Police – Be sure to file an official police report regarding the incident. This report can be helpful if you decide later to file a personal injury claim against the driver.
  • Get Information from the Driver and Witnesses – Request the drivers contact information, registration and license plate, and insurance information. Also get the contact information for any witness who saw what occurred.
  • Take Pictures/Gather Evidence – Taking photos of the car, speed limit signs, location (such as a crosswalk), or stop signs could be helpful in supporting your case.
  • Contact the Wieand Law Firm –Consider contacting a Philadelphia pedestrian accident injury lawyer to assist you during this difficult scenario. The personal injury attorneys at our firm have years of experience dealing with insurance companies to help you seek the best compensation possible for your injuries.

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