What to Do Next: Commercial Truck Accidents

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When innocent drivers are part of a commercial truck accident, they may not be sure how exactly to respond. Overall, a car driver can follow the same steps as if he or she was involved in an accident with another passenger vehicle. However, there are a couple ways that commercial truck accidents differ than your average vehicle crash. Please read on below to find out how to handle the scene if you or someone you love is ever struck by a commercial truck.

For those who have already been hit by a commercial truck, can rely on the experience of a Canoga Park truck accident attorney for guidance. You may be able to receive compensation for your medical expenses, vehicle damages and other losses.

Calling the Police

Accidents that involve a commercial truck can be incredibly serious. An attorney highly recommends calling the police if such a collision were to happen to you or a loved one. The officer can investigate the accident, take statements from you, the trucker and any potential witnesses. Police reports can become useful if you decide to file a lawsuit against the trucker or trucking company for what happened.

Moving Your Vehicle

If it does not interfere with other drivers, try to leave both the commercial truck and passenger car where they ended up after the accident. Take photographs of the scene to show your insurance company and attorney. Unless you have this visible evidence, it may only be your word against the truck drivers.

Exchanging Details

If you are not suffering from a critical injury, you may want to exchange information with the trucker as you wait for police to arrive. If the trucker was hired by a trucking company, be sure to gather that information as well. Here is a list of details to obtain from the truck driver:

  • Full name (as written on license)
  • Current home address
  • Home and cell phone number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Truck license plate number
  • Insurance company name
  • Policy number
  • Trucking company name that employs trucker
  • Trucking company address and phone number

Talk to Witnesses

Commercial truck accidents tend to attract bystanders who saw the crash happen. Pedestrians may rush over to see if they can be of help. Make use of these good samaritans by asking if they are comfortable giving you their name and phone number. You do not have to get statements from witnesses immediately while at the scene, as things may be too tense in the moment. Your attorney may reach out to these witnesses at a later time for you.

It is not uncommon for an innocent car driver to consider filing a lawsuit against the trucker and trucking company for the accident. By meeting with an attorney, they can give you advice on how to seek retribution for what happened.



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