Truck Accident Facts

If you or a loved one require legal representation regarding an accident involving a truck, it would be in your best interest to contact a truck accident lawyer who clients trust to represent their truck accident case. 

When a collision occurs on the road between two cars, it can be scary and traumatic for all involved. However, when an accident involving a truck occurs, the consequences can be damaging and severe. The weight and size of trucks can make them difficult to navigate, slow down, and see other vehicles on the road. For this reason, they can be extremely dangerous to drive. Those who operate trucks must be responsible and held accountable for their actions. Truck drivers should be held to a high standard as they can dominate the road, and easily cause accidents. If a truck driver feels distracted or loses focus, they should not be on the road with other vehicles. 

Distraction is one of the main reasons why accidents occur. All it takes is a second of distraction for a driver to lose focus, and start or be a part of a collision. Why do accidents occur? Although there is a myriad of different reasons, the main source of distraction is cell phone use. Drivers can now text, call, browse the internet, check their email, and update social media accounts all from their smartphones. The use of cell phones while driving is so dangerous that many states have banned them, making it illegal to use a cell phone at any time while driving. However, some drivers still use them regardless of their state laws. Other forms of distraction for drivers include eating, applying makeup, getting directions, listening to music, and interacting with the passengers in the vehicle. Although these may seem harmless, they can cause the driver to lose attention on the road, and become involved in an accident.

Dallas accident lawyers at Brandy Austin Law Firm work hard so that their clients can focus on what truly is important following their accident, their health, and recovery. They desire their clients to pursue justice, accountability, and justice for the injuries, pain, and trauma sustained from their truck accidents. Pursuing compensation after an accident can feel overwhelming to some clients. Thankfully, an experienced Dallas accident lawyer will be with them every step of their legal process, helping them fight for what is rightfully theirs. Damages to pursue compensation for may include loss of job, income, ability to work, decrease in quality of life, medical bills, emotional and mental trauma, and pain and injuries sustained from the accident. While many individuals focus on the physical injuries involved in accidents, victims often suffer emotionally and mentally as well. Depression, anxiety, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, otherwise referred to as PTSD may be prevalent in those who have experienced a traumatic event such as a truck accident. If you need treatment for emotional and mental pain, a licensed, professional therapist is willing and able to help.

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