Tips for Slip and Fall Victims

Slip and fall accidents often result in back injuries. These might be seemingly minor injuries, while other times they can be severe and result in a painful and expensive recovery. If you have been in a slip and fall accident, you should visit a medical professional or chiropractor immediately to get checked and treated for possible injuries. If you believe that the place in which the accident occurred is responsible for your fall, then you may be entitled to compensation. In such case, you can make a personal injury claim against the owner or tenant of the property. The following tips can be helpful in making a valid claim.

1. Document the Accident

Immediately after, or as soon as possible, it is important to properly document the accident. This evidence will be needed as evidence of the location of the accident and the events surrounding the accident. After the accident, you should:

● Take pictures and videos of yourself and your injuries, the location of the accident and the surrounding areas

● Write a detailed report of the location of the accident, the people present at the time of the accident, how the accident occurred and the reaction of the property owners

● Try to get witnesses to give you a written testimony of the events

2. Obtain Medical Records

It’s important to seek medical attention after a slip and fall accident to not only get proper treatment for your injuries, but to also get documentation of the injuries. In a successful claim, you will need proof that you were injured. You should keep, gather and provide the following medical records and documentation:

● Doctor’s notes

● Appointments

● Test results including those from x-rays, CT scans and MRIs

● Treatment and prescriptions

● Medical bills and costs

3. Contact a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

The costs from injuries and other damages following a slip and fall accident can be costly. Compensation can help and even cover the costs, but you will need to provide a valid claim and strong case. Hiring a trip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can be helpful in doing so. An experienced lawyer can review your case and help determine the course of action to take. They will ask questions about what happened and for you to gather any evidence you can. If you haven’t already done so, they are able to help you gather what is needed.

When you begin negotiating settlements with the insurance company of the responsible party, they are likely to try and take advantage of you and offer you an unfair settlement amount. A skilled Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer such as the slip and fall lawyer New York, NY locals turn to has the experience to determine a fair settlement and negotiate with the other party. In some cases, a lawyer may decide to take the case to trial in order to protect your rights and interests as as possible.

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