Protect Yourself After a Construction Accident

Those who have been injured in a serious construction accident must know the proper steps to take to secure their rights and safety. Since an injury was caused from a work site incident (or within the scope of their duties when traveling), the victim may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. 

However, to maximize on the amount of benefits received and ensure there is no presence of retaliation or wrongful claim denial, it’s recommended that a lawyer is sought to oversee the process. Here are ways you can protect yourself after a construction accident:

Get Medical Attention

The most important step to take immediately after a construction accident is to assess injuries and get treatment. Even if the damage appears minor, a doctor can diagnose and treat it promptly. What may present itself as just a bump or bruise could be an indication of a head injury, broken bone, and more. 

Take Note and Evidence

If you are physically able to, record the factors of the accident, including place, time, and possible causes. Furthermore, take pictures and video of the scene, visible injuries, and anything else that could be a factor in how the accident occurred. 

Speak with Witnesses

If there are people you work with who saw the accident happen and agree with your side of the story, then they can be influential witnesses to your claim. Even bystanders who happened to walk by and see the construction accident can be helpful, especially since they aren’t workers and thus are less likely to be influenced by company pressure to say certain things.

Gathering Medical Documentation

After seeing a doctor, ask for copies of any and all medical documentation. This paperwork will be used to assess claim approval and how much will be provided in workers’ compensation benefits.

As a construction accident lawyer, like one from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., would recommend to their clients, taking action early with assistance from a lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim. 

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