Planning Your Future with an Elder Law Lawyer

Planning Your Future with an Elder Law Lawyer

As we grow older, we grow wiser – but with all the new questions we ask ourselves, we don’t always feel that way. The more we understand about the world, the more we wonder about our future, and the more we might worry about our loved ones who will be left to pick up the pieces after we’re gone.

Fortunately, an elder law lawyer can help answer many of these questions you have about your future and your legacy. If you want to plan your future and make sure your loved ones are looked after when you aren’t around to look after them yourself, you need to work with an elder law lawyer. These legal specialists can help you draft a will or establish living trusts, but they can do a whole lot more.

As an elder law lawyer in  Bergen County, NJ from a firm like Kaplan Law Practice, LLC can explain, one of the most important services that elder law lawyers provide is establishing durable powers of attorney and helping you plan out guardianship. When you get in touch with an elder law lawyer, you can come up with a game plan for if you’re ever incapacitated and unable to take care of your own legal affairs, and you can also make sure any relatives who were dependent on you will have a good life when you’re no longer around.

Understanding Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney means you’re giving someone else permission to act on your behalf if you are no longer able to. When you work with an elder law lawyer to create a durable power of attorney, you will choose a trusted individual to handle your affairs in the event that you suffer debilitating injury or death.

People with a lengthy family history of Alzheimer’s or dementia may want to establish a durable power of attorney. However, they aren’t the only people that will benefit from a POA. It’s peace of mind for you, in case of serious accidents or major health problems that might prevent you from operating autonomously. And it’s peace of mind for your family and friends if you grant a durable power of attorney to someone that everyone can trust.

Understanding Guardianship

A durable power of attorney means your own affairs will be looked after if you’re no longer able to. But what about the people you looked after yourself? If you have children, elderly relatives, or relatives with disabilities, you’ll want them to have the best future possible – even if you aren’t around to provide it for them.

Guardianship means placing these individuals in the care of a person you can trust. There are two different types of guardians, and depending on your situation, your loved ones might need one or both. A guardian of the person means they’re in charge of all responsibilities of care. This includes shelter, food, clothing, and anything else that comes with ensuring someone is well looked after. A guardian of the estate takes care of financial responsibilities.

It’s never too early to plan ahead. You may have many questions about your future, and about how your loved ones will be cared for when you’re no longer with them – but an elder law lawyer can walk you through the necessary steps to ensure the best future possible for your family and friends. Reach out to an elder law lawyer today. 

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