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The tractor trailer rear ended your car on Route 4 just before the mall and your neck has been aching for a week. You have never sued before and never thought about suing but now your friend is telling you to call a lawyer. You take her advice and call a lawyer she recommended. Here are some of the things on your mind that you probably want answered:

Does it matter that I haven’t gone to a doctor? If you are still in pain a few days after the crash, you should look for a medical provider who can help you. Remember that your primary care doctor is not an orthopedist or pain management doctor and might not be able to help you. The attorney you call should be able to help find a medical facility that will accept your insurance and be able to treat the pain you are feeling.

Who is going to pay for my medical bills? For most car accident cases in New Jersey, the medical bills will be paid through your car insurance. The person who caused your crash is not responsible for your medical bills at this early stage. If you purchased the standard car insurance in New Jersey, you will have $250,000 in medical coverage. If the crash happened while you were working, your medical bills will probably get paid through Worker’s Compensation.

How do I know there is a lawsuit? In most cases, your lawyer will know based on the facts you tell the lawyer if there is a case that can be proven in court.

Do I have to pay the lawyer? Most personal injury lawyers in Bergen County take your case on a contingency basis which means that only get paid if you get paid.

Who is the right lawyer for me? That is a decision for you to make. Do you feel like the attorneys and the staff have the time to devote to your case? Are you too intimidated to call them ask for an update on your case? Do you think they will try and settle your case out cheap? Your first impressions will tell you a lot.

Do I have to meet the lawyer in person? Everything is different these days with the pandemic. Nearly all law firms have the ability to meet you via zoom and to email you a retainer agreement. Most of these firms also have protocols in place to make it safe to have an in person consultation. Each person has a different preference and the Bergen County personal injury lawyer should be able to accommodate you.

What is my case worth? At this early stage, it is not easy to know. You must start or continue with medical treatment and see what is recommended for you. The more severe the injuries and treatment, the more the value of the case. But the final value of the lawsuit will also be decided based on what personal injury liability insurance coverage is available.

How long will this lawsuit take? Most personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia, PA will not file the lawsuit until they have a good idea of the extent of your injuries. From that point on, most personal injury lawsuits in Bergen County Superior Courts take between one and two years. Of course, the pandemic has delayed a lot of these cases.

Reach out to a personal injury lawyer such as the lawyers who practice at O’Cathain Law Group if you have questions about a crash that happened in Hackensack or anywhere else in Bergen County. 

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