Nursing home lawyer

Does Nursing Home Abuse Really Occur?

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home lawyer

Nursing home abuse is something that many people wonder about when it comes time for them or their loved ones to begin living in this type of home. While abuse is not common, it does happen. Abuse can happen as a result of neglect or could be a direct violent or verbal action against the resident leading you to need a nursing home abuse lawyer in Philadelphia, PA from an experienced PA nursing home law firm. If you are considering moving to a nursing home or are looking for a place for your loved one to move to, then always consider a few things first. 

What to Look For

Staffing is one of the key areas to observe when it comes to nursing homes. If staff are not properly trained or certified, then they may not know how to properly care for you or your loved one. By not providing proper care, this could lead to medicines not being given, insufficient water for you or your loved one, or also not being helped in the manner that you or your loved one need. It could be that the resident needs someone to specially help them get out of bed or a resident may need specific health levels checked periodically throughout the day. If staff are untrained or do not have the experience doing this, then it could lead to an injury or a crucial detail being overlooked. Always make sure that staff have experience and are properly trained.

Improper Staffing Levels

Another thing to watch for is that there are enough staff to care for you or your loved one. When there is not enough staff to offer care, it may become apparent that certain things are being overlooked or forgotten. Staff at the nursing facility are human too, which means they are prone to mistakes, but when it comes to caring for another’s life, the standards must be upheld. The nursing homes are supposed to have a certain amount of staff to administer the care that was guaranteed to the residents. If they are lacking in staff, then it is most likely best to avoid moving to that nursing home if possible, as PA nursing home lawyers know. 

A Lawyer Can Possibly Offer Guidance

Contact a skilled and experienced nursing home lawyer if you or your loved one are experiencing issues at the nursing home from neglect, abuse, or other reasons. A nursing home lawyer in Philadelphia, PA such as one from Davis & Brusca can bring guidance and assistance to a legal claim against the home. This legal claim could bring about damages and compensation for you or your loved one in addition to helping prevent this abuse from happening to others in the future. 


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