Nursing Home Abuse is More Common Than Most Realize

According to statistics released by the CDC, there are approximately 1.4 million seniors living in over 15,700 nursing home facilities throughout the the United States. Many nursing homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are owned and operated by for-profit companies who are motivated by the bottom line rather than providing quality care to elderly residents. All too often, nursing home facilities are staffed by nursing staff who lack proper training or do not make the interests of your parents and loved one a top priority as PA nursing home lawyers know well.

After family members make the difficult decision to place an elderly loved one in the care of a long term care facility, they have the right to expect that their loved one will not be harmed because of neglectful care or abuse. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect and abuse are a reality you must be vigilant about. It is critical that nursing home staff members who injure your loved one through neglect or abuse are held accountable for their actions with the legal help of a nursing home abuse lawyer in Philadelphia, PA.

Surveillance Video Captures Nursing Home Resident Being Neglected and Abused

An example of nursing home abuse which was recently captured by surveillance camera occurred at the Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation Center when three nursing home staff nurses were allegedly caught on camera abusing a patient. In that incident, a 51-year-old male nursing home resident fell to the floor directly in front of a nurse who allegedly failed to help for 12 minutes. Another nurse then allegedly grabbed the disabled man by his arm and dragged him down the hallway.

The video appeared to show the man bleeding from his head. He was again left on the floor unassisted. One of the nurses then allegedly grabbed the man’s hospital gown, put it around his neck, and dragged him back to his room.

Three members of the nursing home staff involved were charged with endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person, which is a felony. A court hearing is scheduled for July 30, 2015.

Many people think that incidents like this are isolated. However, this is far from the truth. Incidents of violence and abuse against seniors is reported on a daily basis. Moreover, many studies have shown that most cases of elder abuse goes unreported and is rarely prosecuted.

Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you suspect that a family member has been harmed because of nursing home malpractice or nursing home abuse, don’t wait to take action with a nursing home lawyer in Philadelphia, PA. Your loved one’s health and safety may depend on it. A nursing home injury lawyer can investigate the care provided to your parent or loved one and take legal action to hold the nursing home facility accountable. In many cases, the investigation will include interviewing witnesses, sorting through voluminous medical records and consulting with expert nursing home administrators and medical doctors.

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