Is It Worth Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

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Working with a Personal Injury Law Firm

Pursuing a personal injury claim after you have been injured may seem like you are taking the accident too seriously. Many people are concerned that they will look like they are making a big deal out of something that did not result in serious injuries or property damage. However, filing a personal injury claim (or even moving forward with a personal injury lawsuit) may be the best decision you can make when you were injured by someone else in an accident. While it is ultimately your decision to file a claim, speaking with a lawyer and working with one on your case can ensure you are making the best decisions given your circumstances and doing what you can to protect the damages you deserve after an injury. 

Understand There is a Time Limit To Filing

It is also important to understand the timing behind filing a personal injury claim. You should know that each state has statutes of limitations when it comes to filing a legal claim and if you have already missed the statute of limitations for your state then you will have a very hard time getting any damages for your case, even if you deserve them from the accident. Speaking with a lawyer from a trusted law firm, such as a firm like Brown Kiely, LLP, can help you to understand how long you have to file a claim and why it is important to file sooner rather than later. They can also help you gather evidence necessary for your claim and get the help of expert witnesses and any witnesses there may have been when your accident occurred. 

How do you know it is time to move forward with a lawsuit? 

If you have been working toward a settlement with the insurance company but nothing is panning out, you may be wondering if it is a good decision to move forward with a personal injury lawsuit. This is an especially good time to work with a lawyer because they can advise you on what decision makes the most sense for you. If there is strong evidence pointing to the other party being liable for your injuries but their insurance company simply does not want to pay, your lawyer may advise you that a personal injury lawsuit is the best way to recoup money for medical bills and other losses. 

Are you hoping to speak with a lawyer about your personal injury claim but do not know where to start? Reach out to a local law firm to learn more about filing a claim today. 

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