How to Seek Compensation for Philadelphia Motorcycle Accidents

For Philadelphia motorcyclists, the return of good weather means that they are revving their engines and ready to enjoy the draw of the open road. However, when a motorcycle accident occurs, you can count on the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer Philadelphia trusts to aggressively pursue a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

While motorcycles represent only 3% of all registered vehicles in the US, they are overrepresented in fatal crashes. In 2019, the fatality rate for motorcyclists was more than 29 times the fatality rate for passenger car vehicle occupants. A Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer can help seek compensation if someone else is responsible for an injury or death of a motorcycle rider.

In many motorcycle accidents, another person may be liable for the motorcyclist’s injuries. When another person is negligent and causes harm, a motorcycle accident lawyer Philadelphia depends on can help file a claim and seek compensation for injuries.

Common causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Common reasons that another person may be liable for a motorcycle accident include:

Reckless Driving – Failure of other motorists to notice motorcyclists is the top cause of motorcycle accidents. Distracted driving often plays a role in these types of accidents. Motorcycles are much smaller and have a narrower profile than many other vehicles on the road, and they can be easily overlooked.

Speeding – When another motorist disobeys speed limits, it puts other vehicles at risk. Motorcyclists are more exposed than passengers of other vehicles. Therefore, an accident is likely to cause severe injury or death

Alcohol – Many motorcycle crashes are the results of an impaired driver. Sometimes, the impairment is from the driver of another vehicle who causes the crash. Other times, a motorcyclist may be overserved at a local establishment, and you may need a Philadelphia Dram Shop Lawyer.

Left Hand Turns – Making a left turn can be very dangerous; in fact, over 60% of all traffic accidents are the result of someone making a left-hand turn. In most cases, the vehicle turning left is ultimately found responsible for the accident.

Road Defects – a negligence case may be able to be filed if a road defect was caused by a road construction company. Defects in the road may be the responsibility of the county or state responsible for the roadway.

Limited Tort Vs. Full Tort

Pennsylvania and New Jersey both have laws designed to reduce insurance rates by offering motorists lower rates for giving up the right to sue for pain and suffering for minor injuries.  However, there are difference in each states laws which may impact your ability to file a claim seeking compensation for your injuries.

The personal injury attorneys at the Wieand Law Firm advise selecting full tort coverage for your automobile insurance policy. This is one sure way to assure that you can seek compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Laws

In Pennsylvania, the law states that the person must have suffered “a serious permanent impairment of a body part or function” to overcome the limited tort threshold.  Pennsylvania Courts have interpreted the law to require that the injury both permanent and serious. This means that there must be significant impairment, significant pain, or significant alterations of daily activity to meet these criteria.

New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Laws

New Jersey is a no-fault state and motorcyclists can file a lawsuit for injuries and pain and suffering if certain conditions are met. To sue for full-tort liability, a motorcycle accident must have caused injuries meeting the verbal threshold in one of these six categories:

* Fractures

* Dismemberment

* Significant scarring or disfigurement

* Loss of a fetus

* A medical probability of permanent injury

* Bodily injury resulting in death

A motorcycle lawyer Philadelphia trusts is knowledgeable of PA and NJ laws for motor vehicles and is well-equipped to provide the legal advice you need in these situations. Motorcycle accidents are complicated, and you need to professional that you can depend upon to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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