How to Respond to a Slip and Fall

If a slip and fall happens to you while out and about, you may endure some very painful and expensive injuries. In some cases, your slip and fall may have occurred due to negligence on behalf of another person. Those who have suffered such accidents, can help protect themselves by taking the steps necessary to legally address the situation. Our team of Philadelphia slip and fall injury lawyers have been dedicated to protecting the rights of those wrongly injured for many years. We do not believe you should have to suffer needlessly because another person acted without regard. No matter what kind of negligence contributed to your injury, we can connect you with a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer at our firm who can help.

How to Respond to a Slip and Fall

Any person who slipped and fell while in a store, restaurant, movie theatre or other public place, should report the accident immediately to the appropriate staff member. If you decide to file a legal claim later down the line, having the accident documented can greatly support your case. If you have questions about reporting your accident, please ask an experienced Philadelphia slip and fall injury lawyer for help. The five steps you may want to take in the event of a slip and fall include:

  1. Examine your injuries, and get medical help at the scene if you need it. Even if you feel a little bit disoriented, it is better to get medical attention now than wait until later if your conditions have worsened.
  2. Take photographs of what caused you to fall before it can be cleaned up, such as fallen products in the isle or a liquid puddle.
  3. If anyone was with you or a bystander saw the accident happen, obtain their contact information to give to your attorney. A statement about the incident can be useful if you file a lawsuit.
  4. Keep records of medical costs or documentation related to your injuries.
  5. Meet with an experienced Philadelphia slip and fall injury lawyer promptly after the accident, if you are interested in how to go about seeking compensation from the party responsible for your injuries.

Preparing for a Legal Consultation

During a legal consultation, bring as much information related to your accident injuries as you can. Your Philadelphia slip and fall injury lawyer can sort through the paperwork and proof you have for what is most important. Just a few examples of useful documents to gather for your appointment include doctor’s exams, diagnostic results, diagnosis of condition, out of pocket expenses, loss of pay from missing work, and a copy of the injury report. Do keep in mind that after reporting the accident, you may receive an abundance of phone calls from representatives wanting a statement about the accident. We highly encourage our clients to contact us first, before providing such details.

If you have been injured, please contact a Philadelphia slip and fall injury lawyer right away, so that you can receive legal guidance and protection during this time. The legal team at Wieand Law Firm, LLC looks forward to meeting with you in person so that we can discuss the circumstances surrounding your slip and fall in detail and we can help to advise you of any legal options that may currently be available to you.

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