How to recognize signs of nursing home abuse?

When searching for the nursing home abuse lawyer  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, look no further than Wieand Law Firm, LLC. We care about getting you and your family the justice you deserve when an elderly loved one has been abused or neglected inside a nursing home. Most people who place their loved ones in a nursing home do so after a great deal of research: they make a list, schedule visits, interview the staff, and examine the premises. After careful consideration, they may determine that one nursing home seems to be superior to the others, and it is fit to place their loved ones in. However, appearances are not always what they seem, and your loved one can still suffer from abuse even if it seemed safe at first.  Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Philadelphia

How do I recognize signs of abuse?

Unless your loved one outright tells you that they have been abused, it is not always easy to spot the signs. Your loved one may feel that they will be abused even worse if they confide in you or may not have the mental capacity to understand what is going on clearly. When this is the case, you are probably wondering to yourself who the nursing home abuse attorney in Philadelphia, PA, is. You have come to the right place. We can go over the warning signs that may be apparent if a nursing home staff member is abusing your loved one. 

Signs of Abuse

Abuse can come in many forms, and you may see them as:

  • Broken or fractured bones and bruises that your loved one (and staff members) are unable to explain.
  • Your loved one is becoming distant and not speaking with you like they used to.
  • Your loved one is becoming angry or irritable more often. 
  • Their nursing home caregiver is imposing new rules on visitation hours and making your loved one more isolated.
  • The sudden appearance of a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Your loved one is not getting their medication on time or at all.
  • You notice your loved one’s hygiene is not being taken care of.
  • Your loved one suddenly gives their caregiver control over their finances.

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If any of these signs sound familiar, you may be concerned about abuse. Please call Wieand Law Firm, LLC, when you are looking for the nursing home abuse attorney in Philadelphia!

Do You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse is unfathomable, and we know that it can be challenging to come to terms with the reality that your loved one has been abused or mistreated in a nursing home. As frustrating as it is, there are several reasons that abuse occurs in nursing homes. Preventing future abuse will be critical if you suspect abuse or your loved one has experienced abuse while in the care of a nursing home facility. Additionally, it may be in your interest to consider taking legal action for the damages that have been suffered. Wieand Law Firm, LLC, can help you strategize your case and hold the responsible parties accountable.  

Abuse Statistics in Nursing Homes

Where nursing home abuse is concerned, studies are far behind other forms of abuse, such as domestic violence and child abuse. Over the years, America’s aging population has increased significantly. As baby boomers continue to age, it’s projected that by 2050, those over the age of 65 will be over 80 million. In a staggering study conducted by New York, it was found that approximately 1 in 13 elderly New York residents have been victims of some form of abuse or mistreatment. Unfortunately, elder abuse typically goes unreported for fear of further harm or the inability to report the abuse. As a result, there are very few current studies that fully capture the full scope of elder abuse. 

Reasons for Nursing Home Abuse

The nursing home abuse attorney in Philadelphia has seen firsthand the financial, physical, and psychological impact abuse can have on victims. Unfortunately, the impacts can be far-reaching and may result in injuries that are difficult for fragile, older adults to recover from. While it may be difficult to consider why abuse occurs, there are several reasons for abuse in nursing homes:

  • Understaffing in Nursing Homes: When there isn’t enough staff, nursing home residents stand to experience neglect as it may be challenging to care for all patients. Additionally, staff may be experiencing a tremendous amount of pressure, which may result in abuse and neglect.
  • Underqualified Staff/Lack of Training: Because of the significant need to adequately staff nursing homes, administrators may hire under-qualified staff. Additionally, some nursing homes may fail to conduct proper background checks or rush through the training process, failing to educate staff of nursing home policies and procedures.
  • Low Paying Positions: Nursing home staff are typically underpaid. This often results in heavy turnover, causing chronic understaffing. Staff may feel frustrated and underappreciated, which may cause them to take out their frustration on nursing home residents. 
  • Mismanagement: Lack of training, overworking staff, inability to follow policies and procedures, or properly manage problems can be attributed to nursing home mismanagement. When staff is not provided with adequate training, and administrators fail to keep their facility from providing sufficient care to residents, abuse is sure to occur. 

If you have a loved one receiving care from a nursing home and your loved one has been injured, or abuse is suspected, it’s time to take action. Start by ensuring that your loved one receives the necessary medical care and remove them from the facility as quickly as possible. This ensures that they receive the necessary treatment for their injuries and are protected from further harm. Next, contact Wieand Law Firm, LLC so that we can begin to:

  • Apply our extensive experience to your situation
  • Review your case
  • Help you gather evidence
  • File a legal claim or lawsuit against the nursing home
  • Assist in navigating Pennsylvania nursing home abuse laws
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • Provide your loved one with the opportunity at a favorable outcome

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