How Much Compensation Can You Get for a Slip and Fall Injury in Pennsylvania?

Disclaimer: The dollar amounts referenced in this article are based on past results and should not be interpreted to suggest or imply that other cases will have comparable outcomes. Ultimately, the value of your case is determined through settlement or an award. Because the circumstances surrounding each injury are unique, each case should be evaluated on an individual basis by a personal injury lawyer.

According to the CDC, accidental falls cause millions of injuries and about 30,000 deaths every year in the United States. Because unintentional falls are so common, they frequently form the basis of personal injury lawsuits. When a slip and fall accident is caused by a business or individual’s negligent, careless actions, the victim may be able to recover compensation, which can help with past and future medical expenses, losses of income, pain and suffering, and other costs stemming from the injury. This article will provide some real-world examples of verdicts and settlements in Pennsylvania slip and fall cases, while explaining the difference between them, explained by a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, PA.

Verdicts vs. Settlements: Understanding the Difference

You’ve probably heard of a case being “settled out of court,” which describes a settlement. You’ve probably also heard of juries “awarding damages” to personal injury victims, which describes a verdict. While settlements and verdicts can both produce the same end result – compensation for the injury victim – the processes by which they are arrived at are very different.

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A settlement occurs when attorneys for the plaintiff and defendant are able to negotiate a mutually acceptable sum outside of court. Either side can propose a settlement offer, which might be accepted, rejected, or countered with a different figure. Sometimes settlement negotiations conclude long before trial is scheduled to occur, while in others, they continue up until the very last moment. It is not uncommon for settlements to be kept confidential.

If a settlement cannot be reached, it then becomes necessary to go to trial. At trial, the jury will review the evidence to determine whether and to what extent the defendant was at fault for injuries sustained by the plaintiff. For example, if a plaintiff sues over nursing home abuse in Philadelphia because their parent broke a hip after falling, the jury will examine the facts to determine whether the fall and resulting hip fracture were caused by the actions of the victim’s caregivers.

Sometimes, settling can be the most practical and efficient means of resolution; but in many cases, initial settlement offers are too low to adequately compensate the true cost of the victim’s injuries. It’s always important to consult with an experienced Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer before accepting a settlement offer, because depending on the circumstances of your accident, you might have a good chance to win a slip and fall lawsuit.

Past Dollar Awards for PA Slip and Fall Accident Victims

To reiterate the disclaimer above, the following dollar amounts do not reflect guaranteed outcomes for all slip and fall matters in Pennsylvania. They are presented here only as an informational resource to help give injury victims and their loved ones some perspective on the wide range of settlements and verdicts that fall-related claims and lawsuits have previously resulted in, it is always wise to seek legal assistance from a trip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, PA.

  • $6.6 million verdict awarded to a plaintiff who sustained a spinal cord injury after slipping in an icy parking lot.
  • $1.925 million settlement received by a plaintiff who fell due to defects in a restaurant door.
  • $850,000 settlement received by a plaintiff who sustained a head injury after slipping on ice which broke loose from a shopping cart that hadn’t been adequately scraped.
  • $650,000 verdict awarded to a plaintiff who slipped and fell at a grocer.
  • $375,000 settlement received by a cafeteria worker who slipped during her shift, resulting in neck and back injuries which required surgery.
  • $200,000 settlement received by a woman who slipped on leaking water at a drug store.
  • $135,000 settlement received by a man who slipped and fell in an icy parking lot, resulting in shoulder and ankle injuries.
  • $125,000 settlement received by a man who developed a blood clot after a fall involving a blocked door.
  • $72,000 settlement received by a woman who slipped at a restaurant.
  • $23,000 settlement received by a woman who sustained knee injuries after falling at a department store.

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***Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes. It is not legal advice and should not be used as legal advice.***

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