Gym Accident Injuries

When you step into a local gym for a healthy workout, the last thing on your mind is having a gym accident. There are many causes for gym accidents, and the end results can be a serious injury that requires multiple medical follow-ups or even surgery.

What Are Some Accidents That Can Occur at the Gym?

Gym accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Below are several common causes of gym accidents that the premises liability lawyers at our firm are familiar with.

  • Injuries from faulty or improperly maintained equipment – if a gym owner or manager does not address faulty or improperly maintained equipment, they may have liability for injuries related to the use of this equipment. Additionally, the manufacturer may be responsible if the faulty equipment was the result of a manufacturer defect with the gym equipment


  • Slips and falls from spills or unsafe walkways – Maintaining walkways in safe condition is important for the safety of gym members. Spills or leaks that are not properly cleaned can result in a terrible accident gym accident from a slip and fall. Gym owners and management are responsible for keeping the property in safe condition. Gym members who fall due to a poorly maintained walking surface may have a premises liability case.


  • Injuries from other gym members – other members of the gym may act negligently and cause a gym accident. A weight room accident can occur if a gym member lifts too much weight and suddenly drops them onto the ground.

What Type of Injuries Occur From Gym Accidents?

Many people suffer harm each year from gym accidents. Examples of common injuries include:

  • Spinal injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Nerve damage
  • Muscle strains or tears
  • Tendonitis
  • Heart attack
  • Wrongful death

While some injuries may be mild and have an easy recover, some injuries cause severe harm and require follow-up medical care, such as physical therapy, specialist visits, and surgery. Some injuries require significant time off from work for recovery and result in lost income. If you have suffered a serious injury from a gym accident, you should consider reaching out to a gym accident lawyer to understand if you can file a claim and to seek compensation for your injuries.


Can I Sue My Personal Trainer for a Gym Accident?

A personal trainer is a fitness expert who is supposed to provide oversight and instruction to help people meet their fitness goals. A personal trainer can act negligently by:

  • Not spotting you during a lift
  • Instructing to lift weights that are too heavy
  • Ignoring complaints of pain that lead to long-term harm
  • Failing to correct improper body form while exercising

While sometimes personal trainers carry insurance to protect them from personal injury claims, these types of claims often seek to place liability on the gym owner or management company. Sometimes, personal trainers are employees of the gym.  In these cases, the gym may have vicarious liability; in other words, they may be accountable for a negligent act from an employee, such as a personal trainer. In some states, gym owners might also be liable because they negligently hired, trained, or supervised the personal trainer.

Can I Sue if I Signed a Liability Waiver?

Gyms often require members to sign a liability waiver prior to permitting membership. This waiver is intended to limit the ability for a gym member to sue them. A gym accident lawyer will be able to review the liability waiver and determine what it covers.

Even if you have signed a liability waiver, it does not preclude a gym member for suing for gross negligence. Gyms and personal trainers may still have liability for reckless and intentional acts. Therefore, we recommend speaking with a gym accident lawyer if you have been seriously injured while at the gym.

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