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Everyone gets tired behind the wheel, but we should know when to pull over and call it a night. As a car accident lawyer trusts like our friends at Wandres Law can explain, driver fatigue can be dangerous – and you should do everything you can to avoid driving while tired.

Read on to learn more about how driver fatigue may affect you, see how you can prevent it, and see why you might need the professional legal help from a trained and experienced car accident lawyer.

Driver Fatigue Comes in Many Forms.

A few yawns here or there. Heavy eyelids. Wandering thoughts. These are all common signs of driver fatigue, but there are so much more. In some cases, drivers completely forget what happened during the last few minutes or miles. And of course, they may experience slowed reaction times and swerving across lanes. Driver fatigue creeps up on people, and without proper preparation it can be fatal.

Most Tricks Don’t Actually Reduce Fatigue.

You might have a couple tried-and-true methods for staying awake behind the wheel. Cranking some loud music, chugging an energy drink, or blasting the A/C may make you feel more awake, but chances are you’re experiencing a false sense of security. The only real method of reducing your driver fatigue is to pull over someplace and get some shuteye.

Driver Fatigue Can be Avoided.

Obviously, the most effective method for avoiding driver fatigue is to just get enough sleep – but unfortunately in today’s fast-paced and always-on society, getting those 7-9 hours of sleep can be difficult, if not a complete luxury. Try to turn in earlier and sleep as well as you can, and cut back on caffeine consumption to prevent those frustratingly sleepless nights. Driver fatigue can also be caused by poor diet or medication, so avoid anything that usually makes you feel tired and sleepy.

Driver Fatigue isn’t Just About Sleep.

In some cases, sleep doesn’t enter the equation at all. Driver fatigue is technically any time you’re too tired to safely operate a motor vehicle. This means those high-intensity workouts at the gym, or long days spent at the office can all affect your readiness to drive home or anywhere else. It’s essential to be aware of how tired you’re getting, and it’s important to remember to give yourself a break now and then.

Driver Fatigue Can be Hard to Prove After an Accident.

If you were involved in a car accident that was caused by driver fatigue, it can be pretty difficult to prove it was the culprit. After all, an accident is a scary experience, and the adrenaline spike can keep everyone involved awake and on-edge. In the event of an accident, you’ll have to report the incident to the police, get everyone’s contact info, take notes, and take photos. When you’re examining the scene of the accident, try to note who may seems particularly tired out.

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