Common medical malpractice claims

You expect medical professionals to help you, not hurt you. While their actions may not be intentional, when a medical professional acts unreasonably or negligently, you are still harmed. Your injuries could even have life-threatening and life-altering consequences.

Medical malpractice comes in all forms. Sometimes, it’s obviously medical malpractice. Other times, it isn’t. Here are some of the most common forms of medical malpractice.


Misdiagnosis happens when a doctor diagnoses you with the wrong illness. This can happen because the doctor didn’t take the time necessary to evaluate you. This could also happen because your symptoms were similar to another medical issue. Regardless of the reason, your doctor diagnosed you with an ailment you didn’t have.

Another common medical malpractice claim related to misdiagnosis is failure to diagnose. This happens when a doctor fails to diagnose you with anything. This, too, can happen because a doctor is too rushed.

No matter if you’re misdiagnosed or not diagnosed with anything, there can be grave consequences for you. Many medical matters require quick treatment. If you’re not diagnosed, you may never be able to recover. And if you’re diagnosed and treated for something you don’t have, that can also cause severe problems for your recovery.

Prescription errors

There are several ways in which prescription errors occur:

  • Pharmacy – When you’re collecting your prescription from the pharmacy, you trust that the pills in the bottle are what you’ve been prescribed by your doctor. That isn’t always the case. Pharmacists can and do make mistakes and sometimes the wrong pills find their way to you. If you don’t catch it, the consequences can be dire.
  • Dosage – If you receive the wrong dosage, this could be the fault of the doctor or the fault of the pharmacist. If your doctor prescribes a dosage too high for you or the pharmacist gives you a dosage that’s too high, that is medical malpractice.
  • Side effects – All drugs have side effects. Some side effects are minor and not even noticeable. Other side effects can be deadly. If you’re not provided all the information regarding side effects, that can amount to medical malpractice.


This is probably the most well known medical malpractice claim. These types of injuries can include:

  • Operating on the wrong body part
  • Leaving a surgical instrument in your body
  • Giving not enough or too much anesthesia
  • Improperly sealing your incision

This is not an exhaustive list. The ways in which people are injured during surgery is nearly endless. But almost all surgery accidents are caused by negligence of a medical professional, as a medical malpractice lawyer Philadelphia, PA can tell you.

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