Common Causes of Road Trip Accidents

Auto Accidents

The population is rising in the country, and there is also a rise in the number of private and public automobiles. With the increased traffic on the road, the chances of accidents have increased. According to research, around 12.5% of accidents happen in India, and lakhs of people die from car accidents. What are the major causes of these road accidents? Let’s discuss the common factors that are causing road accidents and how to prevent them according to a truck accident lawyer from our friends at SL Chapman Trial Lawyers:

Common causes of road accidents 

  • Over-speeding: 

One of the main reasons for car accidents is over-speeding. People try to achieve a certain speed and overtake other vehicles, but there is also a high risk of accidents. A car moving at high speed can cause collisions and injuries.

  • Drinking and driving: 

Another common reason for road accidents is drunk driving. People do not realize how dangerous it is to drink and drive. Alcohol consumption reduces concentration which can decrease the reaction time of the human body and turn the celebration into a misfortune. Alcohol also hampers vision and body movements which increases the risk of accidents.

  • Avoiding road safety rules: 

There are several road safety rules to prevent accidents, but people need to pay attention to these rules. Wearing a seat belt in a four-wheeler and a helmet while driving a two-wheeler has become a strict rule now. Even after that, there are times when people ignore these rules, and it causes accidents on the road.

How to prevent road accidents? 

  • Follow the safety measures: 

To reduce the chances of accidents, it is essential to follow the safety measures enforced by the law to decrease accidents. Always wear a seat belt while driving the car, wear a helmet while traveling on a two-wheeler, do not drink and drive, and keep your focus on the road.

  • Follow the traffic rules: 

Make sure to follow the traffic rules to prevent road accidents. Breaking the traffic rules will not just cause severe accidents, but it can also lead you to pay heavy charges.

  • Do not drink and drive: 

There is a heavy penalty for people who drink and drive because it is considered an offense. So if you are drunk, make it a point to use a cab and avoid accidents.

  • Be careful while driving on bad roads: 

You may encounter rough patches and big holes on narrow or bad roads. Make sure to drive slowly and carefully on such roads to avoid misfortune.

  • Check your vehicle’s condition: 

Make sure to maintain your car and keep getting it fixed, so there are no driving problems. It is essential to take your car for regular maintenance and service to prevent vehicle failure accidents.


The only way to prevent road accidents is by following the traffic rules and keeping in check all the safety measures. It is essential to become a conscious driver so that the focus stays on the road. Conscious driving will reduce the chances of accidents and will also help you follow the road rules.

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