Biden Seeks to Protect Seniors in Nation’s Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Neglect LawyerThe Biden Administration recently rolled out a long list of proposed reforms for nursing homes to address the unacceptable quality deficiencies that nursing home neglect lawyers witness too often. Our nursing home neglect lawyers have litigated many cases in which nursing home understaffing resulted in a failure to provide necessary services for a resident’s health and well-being. Now, these quality issues are being given national exposure and attention from our nation’s highest office.

Infection Control Deficiencies Targeted

Biden targeted nursing homes for providing poor infection control during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nursing home deaths accounted for approximately 25% of total COVID deaths in the US over the past two years. Many of these deaths can be attributed to substandard infection control practices. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirmed these deficiencies, citing that 82% of nursing homes were cited for infection control and prevention practices during Medicare and Medicaid surveys between 2013 – 2017.

The nursing home neglect lawyers at our firm are unwavering resident care advocates. We believe that all residents deserve proper infection control practices during a nursing home stay. Our firm represents residents and their families who have suffered an injury due to substandard care at nursing homes.

Fact Sheet Summary

The Administration announced steps to penalize greedy nursing home owners that prioritize profits over quality care. New proposed initiatives to prevent nursing home neglect and ensure quality care include:

  • Mandate Minimum Staffing Levels: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has been tasked to propose minimum standards for staffing within one year. Staffing levels are intimately tied to the quality of care given at a nursing home. This initiative seeks to end the chronic understaffing that plagues many nursing homes. If your loved one was injured at an understaffed nursing home, contact the nursing home neglect lawyers at the Wieand Law Firm and find out if you can file a lawsuit.
  • Fund Nursing Home Inspections: The Administration cited a sharp increase in nursing home complaints, while oversight inspections have simply not kept pace. Biden requested that Congress appropriate $500 million to CMS to adequately fund health and safety inspections.
  • Expand Penalties and Sanctions: CMS will broaden the circumstances in which it issues financial penalties and sanctions against nursing homes.   Nursing homes could be hit with per-day fines for non-noncompliance. Furthermore, the Biden Administration wants to increase the dollar limit on per-instance financial penalties from $21,000 to $1 million. The Wieand Law Firm views this initiative as a clear sign that nursing home neglect should not be tolerated and that nursing homes must be held accountable for poor care. Filing a civil lawsuit for nursing home neglect is one way that families can hold a nursing home liable when neglect results in serious injury.
  • Transparency Improvements: The fact sheet focused on improving transparency regarding corporate ownership of nursing homes. Enhancements to the Nursing Home Care Compare website will provide with certifiable data about staffing levels. The Administration will scrutinize private equity investors, REITs, and investment ownership in nursing homes who have sought to slash expenses at the cost of quality.
  • Improve Staffing: CMS will promote ways to increase nursing wages and strengthen the industry’s workforce. Apprenticeship programs, training intermediaries and labor unions will be leveraged to attract workers into careers in nursing homes.
  • Ensure Pandemic and Emergency Readiness: The Administration will support ongoing COVID testing and vaccinations in nursing home residents and staff. Pandemic response and infection control standards will be strengthened.

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The nursing home neglect lawyers at the Wieand Law Firm represent victims of nursing home neglect and their families. We understand that poor care and neglect proliferate our nation’s nursing homes. Poor care and neglect often require aggressive legal action. Our attorneys will work with your family to hold nursing home operators liable when poor care and understaffing results in a serious injury.

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