Amendment Regarding Venue Authority for Civil Lawsuits Under Review

law firm Bethesda MD - Gavel and Stethoscope with Computer KeyboardAccording to a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer, the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee is considering an amendment that would provide PA legislature the authority to create statutes to determine the venue of a civil lawsuit. House Bill 2660 was introduced by Rep. Rob Kaufman, R-Franklin. This bill may be an effort to get in front of a proposed change to Rule 1006 subdivision (a.1) to reverse restrictions that limit where a medical malpractice lawsuit can be filed. Some Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers worry that House Bill 2660 would increase frictions between the Judiciary and General Assembly.

Questions regarding the House Bill 2660’s potential to spark a liability crisis have been discussed by Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers.  Many legal professionals believe it has the potential to upset the equality of balance among the distinct branches of government.

The bill entered to the Judiciary Committee on June 7, 2022 and has been endorsed by the health care providers. Health care providers have supported the bill as part of attempt to bypass a proposal from 2019 that seeks to remove venue rules restricting medical professional liability action to the venue where the cause of action happened.

Lawyers for health care corporations disapprove of the proposal because they believe it would encourage “venue shopping” for venues that are favorable to higher verdicts. They opine that relaxations to venue limitations could spark an increase in cases and ultimately result in higher insurance premiums for health care providers.  Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers support the proposal, and they advocate that a rule change would empower more victims of medical negligence to achieve appropriate claim payments compensating them for their injuries.

According to the Civil Procedural Rules Committee Chair, David Kwass, Supreme Court data shows a drop in medical liability lawsuits over the past 15 years. He advocates that this reduction in case filings has resulted in far fewer victims of medical malpractice obtaining compensation for their injuries.

The proposal may soon go before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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