10 Birth Injury Facts

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the majority of birth injuries can be avoided by identifying risks, taking preventative measures to reduce complications, providing the appropriate standard of care. Unfortunately, a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer has witnessed many preventable birth injuries that resulted in long-term disabilities that cause the child ongoing pain or discomfort. When birth injuries are the result of provider negligence, parents can seek compensation for these injuries and their child’s ongoing medical and supportive care. If you are considering a lawsuit, consult with a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer to review the facts surrounding the unique circumstances of your case.

  1. Negligence may be caused by one or multiple medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and vendors such as pharmaceutical and medical device companies may have a role in the negligent act. Consulting a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer can help identify who may be liable for negligence for your child’s birth injury.
  2. Racial disparities in care most often affect Black and Latina mothers.
  3. Preventative testing and observation in accordance with professional standards should be used to proactively support health monitoring for the mother and fetus prior to labor to help prevent birth injuries.
  4. A doctor might be liable for a birth injury if they failed to identify and adequately treat the signs of health problems for the mother or baby during labor and delivery. For example, a physician who ignores signs of fetal distress and waits too long to perform an emergency C-section may be liable if the newborn suffers a birth injury such as brain damage.
  5. About 4 out of every 1000 babies born suffer from a condition called Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral palsy can sometimes be the result of a physician error. It can be caused by an undiagnosed infection or maternal health problems, premature birth, or asphyxia. Infants with cerebral palsy may suffer from a range of health problems throughout their lives and require long-term supportive care.
  6. Medical providers use established medical standards to decide when a C-section and emergency actions need to be performed during labor and delivery. When a medical professional does not act based on established medical standards, they may be liable for negligence if a birth injury occurs.
  7. Low oxygen levels can decrease a baby’s blood pressure, heart rate, and blood flow away from the heart, reducing the blood flow to vital organs and tissue. As a result, permanent neurological damage or other health issues can occur.
  8. Forceps can cause birth injuries when used incorrectly. Specifically, providers who attempt to extract an infant who is high in the birth canal by using forceps or vacuum tools may cause a birth injury. Forceps can also cause facial nerve injuries or cephalohematoma when a physician improperly or ineffectively uses birth-assisting tools during delivery.
  9. Shoulder dystocia complications are often able to be anticipated. Health care providers should perform interventions to prevent this type of birth injury from happening.
  10. A mother and her baby can be exposed to harm during pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and during the post-partum stage.

Many women wonder if their infant’s injuries could have been prevented with effective and immediate medical interventions. Law firms that litigate birth injury cases use facts and medical standards to hold providers liable when negligence causes injury to the baby or mother. Our Philadelphia birth injury lawyers investigate the case to identify the evidence needed to demonstrate that a medical professional failed to keep you or your child safe.

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