Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA  Workers' Compensation Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Philadelphia, PA from The Wieand Law Firm, LLC knows that many employees often don’t know what to do after being injured on the job. Many injured workers aren’t sure who to call, or what questions to ask. Being injured while on the job can be a scary experience. However, the more prepared that you are, the more likely you will have a successful workers compensation claim that covers all of your losses sufficiently. 

Many people don’t realize that they can benefit from having a lawyer to watch out for their best interest as their worker’s compensation claim is being processed. Here are questions that many Injured workers have when meeting with their lawyer:

Do I Have to Report the Work Injury?

You must report your work injury as soon as possible. Depending on what state you live in, you may only have a certain period of time to report the injury to your employer. Notifying your employer of the injury is the first step in the workers compensation process. In fact, it is essentially one of the most vital steps when filing a claim. After notifying your boss about the workplace accident, he or she should offer to have you visit a doctor the very same day. It is in your best interest to accept this offer and be seen by a doctor so you can get treatment if needed. 

What Is Workplace Retaliation?

In every state, there are regulations and laws that prohibit an employer from retaliating against or firing an employee for submitting a worker’s compensation claim. Employers may be concerned about losing money because of the injury accident, and may attempt to let the employee go so they can avoid paying them. Or, an employer may purposefully cause a hostile work environment, or take other negative actions, as a way to punish them for using workers compensation benefits. Examples of workplace retaliation that a Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer in PA may have handled before include:

  • Being demoted or transferred to another department
  • Being fired from your job
  • Receiving a reduction in pay or loss of hours
  • Being harassed or verbally threatened

It is important to note that not every employer is going to be obvious when engaging in workplace retaliation. It may be subtle, or they may lie in order to fire you and make it seem like it was for another reason. The best way to know whether you are the victim of workplace retaliation is to visit a lawyer so they can protect your rights  during this time. Don’t hesitate to contact a Philadelphia, PA workers’ compensation lawyer from The Wieand Law Firm, LLC now for assistance.

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