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What To Do If You Have Been in a SEPTA Accident

SEPTA accident lawyer Philadelphia, PAThe Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is an enormous public transit network that gets millions of passengers to and from whether they need to be every single year. With such a large volume of people flocking to SEPTA buses, trains, and subways, accidents are likely to occur, as a SEPTA accident lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can explain. In the event of an accident, passengers can sustain injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, wounds, traumatic brain injuries, and more. Anyone who has been involved in a SEPTA accident, may be eligible to receive financial restitution for their injuries. It can benefit victims to meet with a legal professional shortly after the incident for advice.
Q: How should I respond in the event of a SEPTA accident?
A: Passengers who were riding on a train, bus, or subway when an accident unfolded, may be dazed, confused, in pain, and unsure how to respond. Passengers may understandably be in shock moments immediately after an accident. To help protect yourself in the aftermath of a SEPTA accident, consider taking these steps as recommended by a SEPTA accident lawyer in Philadelphia, PA:

  1. Talk with the SEPTA subway, train, or bus operator to fill out an incident report form. By completing this card you are identifying yourself as a passenger in the accident. SEPTA may use this card to also note who was involved in the incident, and who was not — as people may lie about being part of the accident just to receive compensation. If the operator doesn’t voluntarily give you a form, you have the right to request one.
  2. Take down a description of the bus, train, or subway, in addition to names of the operators who were present, as a SEPTA accident lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can recommend. If there were other passengers, ask for their name and contact information too. Their side of the story can be helpful as witness statements when seeking compensation from SEPTA.
  3. Call 911 for help. An officer and ambulance medical team are likely to arrive at the scene. The officer can take a report of the accident while the medical team attends to injured passengers. Provide a statement to the officer so it can be included in the official incident report. You can then obtain a copy of this at a local law enforcement office within the days afterward.
  4. See your doctor for a follow up exam after being evaluated by the emergency medical team. Share with your doctor any aches, pains, and symptoms you are experiencing so it can be noted in the medical exam documentation.

Q: What evidence should I gather at the scene?
A: Jot down the bus number, route number, and license plate. Take photographs of the scene, including street signs, broken glass, visible wounds, and property damage. Be sure to collect evidence before leaving the scene. Victims who decide to take action against SEPTA for injuries, losses, and damages, must have sufficient evidence to show how much they have suffered due to the accident. The more evidence you can gather, the stronger your claims can be during a settlement negotiation or lawsuit in court.
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