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One of the most frequent types of head injuries that accident victims suffer is a concussion. A concussion can occur from a car accident, slip and fall accident, work injury, and more. If you suffered from a concussion, or other injury, a Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer from Wieand Law Firm would like to speak with you. 

When a person is hit in the head and that causes the brain to be shaken around the skull, the result is often a concussion. Many people who get a bump on the head do not even realize they have a concussion. However, even a minor concussion can become serious if left untreated. This is why any time someone has been hit in the head, they should seek medical attention immediately. 

Some people who are hit in the head think there’s no way they can have a concussion because they did not lose consciousness. But it is not necessary to go unconscious to have a concussion injury. In fact, victims usually only lose consciousness when they have suffered the most severe type of concussion.

Many concussion victims are not aware they have been injured because there is often a delay of symptoms. This delay can be a few hours or even a few days. If you or a loved one has been hit in the head, it is important to watch for any of the following signs over the next several days following the incident:

  •        Behavior changes
  •        Clumsiness
  •        Dazed feelings
  •        Difficulty with concentration
  •        Difficulty with memory
  •        Difficulty with speaking
  •        Dizziness
  •        Drowsiness
  •        Ears ringing
  •        Headaches
  •        Issues with balance
  •        Light sensitivity
  •        Nausea
  •        Noise sensitivity
  •        Personality changes
  •        Sluggishness
  •        Slurred speech
  •        Vomiting

As a member of our legal team might explain to you, there are three grades of concussions. Grade 1 and grade 2 are less severe and treatment usually consists of rest until all symptoms are gone. A grade 3 concussion is more serious and usually requires diagnostic tests and medical treatments. A victim may have to have MRIs, CT scans, reflex, and coordination tests to determine what the extent of the injury is and if there is any internal bleeding.

No matter what grade concussion a victim has suffered, there is always the risk that future concussions could cause serious health issues. A victim who sustains repeated concussions can end up with disabilities, swelling of the brain, permanent brain damage, and death. If a concussion was the result of negligence, a lawyer can help you to recover damages. 

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If you or a family member has been the victim of an accident causing a brain injury, contact Wieand Law Firm to speak with one of our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania to find out what type of legal options you may have for the damages your injuries have caused.

Concussion Sub-Types Explained

At Wieand Law Firm, LLC, we are not medical doctors. However, we have represented enough concussion victims that we have quite a bit of knowledge on the condition. A concussion is considered a mild traumatic brain injury, which can result in a variety of symptoms. Researchers have determined that there are five subtypes for concussions, and tehre are recommended treatment options for each one. These classifications are not mutually exclusive, and do share some symptoms. But, hopefully by categorizing a patient as being under one of the five subtypes, it can lead to more effective care for all cases.

We want you to know that if an injury accident causes you to sustain a concussion and another party was at least partially responsible, then you must contact us so justice and a fair amount in restitution can be sought. Here we have listed the different subtypes and symptoms associated with them:

Headache/Migraine Concussion
One of the more common forms of concussions is the headache/migraine concussion. Symptoms often include sensitivity to light, smell, or sound, in addition to nausea and/or vomiting.

Cognitive Concussion

If you or someone you care about was diagnosed with a cognitive concussion, then they are probably exhibiting symptoms related to attention issues, problems remembering, and hindered reaction time. A treatment plan will probably entail diagnostic testing and follow-up neuropsychological assessments.

Vestibular Concussion

The treatment for a vestibular concussion may entail training with a physical therapist. A person who has this kind of concussion may experience fogginess, dizziness, nausea, disequilibrium, and light-headedness. The more this person moves, the more intensely their symptoms may exacerbate. 

Mood Concussion

Someone who has a mood concussion, is likely to exhibit symptoms such as overwhelm, sadness, fatigue, irritability, emotionality, hopelessness (depression), and anxiety. The treatment for a mood concussion may include seeing a therapist for cognitive-behavioral therapy. 

Ocular-Motor Concussion

An ocular-motor concussion can lead to eye strain, headaches, light sensitivity, blurry or double vision, difficulty judging distances, and eye pain/pressure. Performing tasks on a screen or when reading can become problematic. Treatment may include receiving dynamic vision training from an optometrist.

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