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Nursing Home Lawyer Philadelphia Nursing Home Lawyer Philadelphia

When you find out that your loved one is suffering from bedsores while staying in a nursing home, you should contact a nursing home lawyer Philadelphia residents count on from Wieand Law Firm, LLC. We have had many clients who discovered that their elderly loved ones were suffering from neglect because they had developed bedsores while staying in a nursing home. It is important that you give our office a call as soon as possible so that we can begin working on ways to get your loved one the compensation they deserve for these injuries. If you are interested in setting up an appointment with us, please contact your Philadelphia nursing home lawyer at our office now. 

How do elderly people get bedsores?

While you may hear of bedsores most commonly with people who are older, people of any age can get bedsores. Also known as pressure ulcers, someone who is bedridden or stuck in a wheelchair is very prone to getting them because they are unable to move very easily. Similarly, elderly people who have a hard time moving and getting out of bed may get them. When you place your loved one in a nursing home, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania nursing home lawyer knows you rely on the staff there to help move your loved one so that they are not in the same position for lengthy periods of time. However, if they do not do this, it can constitute a form of neglect and these bedsores can become severely infected. Someone who is on staff at a nursing home should know how to:

  • Safely reposition an elderly person
  • Know which positions will be least likely to cause bedsores
  • Maintain the environment your loved one is in and keep it clean
  • Know the signs of a person who is at a high-risk for developing bedsores so they can monitor them more closely

What can I do when I find bedsores on my loved one?

When you discover that your loved one has been neglected and is not getting the care they need, you should immediately reach out to a Philadelphia nursing home lawyer. Bedsores do not happen immediately and mean that your loved one has been neglected in some form for a long period of time. To see how a trusted nursing home lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can help you and your family, contact Wieand Law Firm, LLC now. 

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